Stove Day

Last Thursday our stove officially died
I went to cook a roast open the preheating oven and it wasn’t even a little warm fiddling with the element saw the plug fall back into the oven, the back element wasn’t working so I used my Dutch oven on the grill element, and put a pot for veggies on the remaining working one….. that started glowing then welding, My first thought Was “OH NO! not my fancy pots”
the boy and the princess had lamb sandwiches for dinner, I had Lamb and sweet potato mash

Today is New stove day

out with the old


no wonder that element wasn’t working


Bye bye stove


in with the new ok second hand but still new to us


Clean out the space first


doesn’t look too bad at all


we we planning on replacing it at the end of the year but well we are lucky it died when it did on a good pay and we had the spare $ to throw at it


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