it’s not a great picture but I’m not ready to admit I’m a buff yet, this is a pretty good show of where my career is at right now, the old and the new.
The old sits in the foreground. Currently a big part of my life involves maintaining these knowing them inside and out, electronics switches lights relays and books of circuits
The new in the distance, a foreign object the unknown, the dream, I fear and yet embrace the change that may come with that train.
In less than Two weeks I will know my fate.
Do I get the chance to challenge myself with the new, to be part of the A team, to embrace rapid change, a new world of electronic parts and computer diagnostics- to be in the fish bowl
Am I left to look from the outside and wonder how much longer my employment will last while batting through attitudes over a hundred years old, people stuck in old ways developed before they were born refusing to change

interviews start next week, I’m told I’m in for sure, I’ve heard this before, I doubt it, I choke at interviews but this panel is set up so quickly, they want the team to start training in July perhaps they won’t notice the freezing up, perhaps they’ll focus on my 13 years of service, one of the highest of the applicants…… we can only hope


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