so the time has come to start thinking about school, before we moved the choice was easy there was a school at the end of our street, she would go there

who knew the system was so confusing, we figured she’d go to the nearest school again this time on a little bus, across the ferry, there are no easily available zone maps and being closest we figured it was the right one to go to

how wrong we were, I emailed the school asking about enrolment, and received a nice reply saying we had to contact another school as we were out of area. on contacting the other school we discovered that the out of area quota for the first was full, so the boy took the princess to meet the principal, at her future school 18.5ks away going past wisemans ferry school to get there

she had a lovely time, the school only has 8 kids at the moment, he got the grand tour, modern facilities, neat little buildings, extensive grounds, horses munching away on the other side of the fence

there is a bus that services our street, actually 2 busses are required, one to the gates of wisemans school and the other from there to the school and they can help us arrange out of school hours care should we need it (awesome!)

so we filled out the paperwork


and off she went, one day a week transition, the boy took her in the sidecar but in future it is suggested that he puts her on the second bus to start with, to save him time and get her used to catching a bus. I imagine by the end of the year she will catch both busses


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