What have I done!

back in January or maybe February, around the time I stopped seeing my PT she asked me if I’d be interested in doing Oxfam trail walker with her and a few others from the gym, yeah sure i say, it’ll be good endurance training for Tough Mudder  I think

Our team has somewhat altered since then, one member not liking early mornings or spending too long out of bed the other being an employee of the gym is required to go to a conference on the event date so they were replaced with members of Jans ‘Wild endurance’ team

Fast forward a few months and, well…… What have I got myself into! our first training session was on the last leg of the trail, OMG these people walk fast I kept up ok for a bit, then slowly but surely lagged behind more and more, finding myself at that point that I felt the need to be sick. I think sometimes its only my fear of doing so prevents me from actually being sick, this ended near Mosman in the dark, me tired, sore and barely able to walk the next day

the most recent training session was much easier, a 22k from St. Ives to Killarney Heights was much easier, it amazes me that there is so much of this-IMG_2577 IMG_2578

so close to the city, all but a few hundred meters was in bush like this or thicker, it rained the whole time, but somehow easier than the last session, perhaps the rain helped me a lot since my biggest issue with running is overheating.

The bad side of the rain apart from it being easier to dehydrate and risk of getting too cold was the Leeches, I had at one stage 5 on each leg but was too scared to pull them of, because they were well and truly stuck, and I’d read that pulling them off was not good because it causes them to inject more of the stuff that makes the blood flow. The trick I read, was to get a credit card or similar and slip it under the mouth parts and flick the little buggers off, I did this when I got back to my car, it worked quite well once I realised that they seem to have mouths at both ends of their body , the one that I had tried to pull of and agitated bled for hours the others simply left little purple marks.

Today I have much less aches than last time, the odd soreness a twinge here and there stairs are a pain, and I have picked up a cough which I blame on spending 4 hours in the rain, I’ve enjoyed it so far but ….. I can see tears on the day

We’d love it if you  or anyone you know is interested in supporting our efforts, the event is after all in aid of Oxfam, we’ve pledged $5000 :-O  that was when the whole team was from the gym and the gym was to be our fundraising hub

Anyway, every little bit helps, and well it is almost tax time, donations over $2 are tax deductable 😉 …. the Pic is a linky 😉




One thought on “What have I done!

  1. I think you are supposed to pee on leeches (old wives tail) next time take your man along just for this purpose (Im sure he’d be impressed!!!)

    PS I think you are FAB doing this, I will tryand pop some $$$ thru this week 🙂

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