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Saturday night Boogie

Did you know euro vision is on? No? Neither did I until I heard mention of it on the radio yesterday morning

i heard this lovely little story about this group Of Russian Grandmothers …

Buranovskiye Babushki

I have a special soft spot for little old ladies and well this little gourp really fit the bill for cute little old ladies

so I wandered around the Euro vision song channel and came across


some further searching brought up


which on the radio show mentioned it being a little camp and upsetting the neighbouring countries of Azerbaijan, but I really think fits the reputation of euro vision who remember brought us ABBA

this now that my computer has stopped crashing  was followed by

Compact Disco

with the song song of our hearts I don’t mind it really

and finally to wind the night up something a little slow and quiet


I quite like this one too


skip on over to Little white doves nest to see some more


One thought on “Saturday night Boogie

  1. I loved Iris!! I was a bit partial to Roman Lob from Germany too, but I could be kind of biased! Thanks for joining in the party x

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