Sri Chinmoy, Sydney, Race 3, Cooks River

it was a beautiful morning an d a beautiful location

I’m certain I over estimated my ability but went for it anyway, keeping at the back of the pack slow and constant, for a little while I kept up with a boy and his father, quite happy just to plod along behind them, but eventually the legs began to protest and I was forced to slow down.

every one was really supportive all the way round, other runners making comments,marshals cheering it was great, at one stage my leg was so so sore, I thought a minute or so of walking would do me good, but walking hurt more than running even though I was running slower than some people walk


this is crossing the finish line, it 2hrs and 12 minutes, to wild applause….. don’t mistake that look for smiling, my legs were in pain and even though it doesn’t look it I was running , too bad its not a video

the drive home was interesting to say the least, my whole right leg threatening to cramp every time i switched between brake and accelerator a bag of ice on the floor to ease the ache in my ankle when I got the chance

I will most definitely enter other Sri Chinmoy events, fruit and Pancakes provided at the finish line great atmosphere …… however I think Ill stick with races between 4 and 8k for a while yet


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