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Saturday Night Bloggers Boogey

so I’ll send you over to Little white Dove for the full run-down, because Rachel has an awesome way with words

basics, Rach, Car, Becky and I have been playing ear worm tag on facebook, an earworm being the thing that gets stuck in your head

but for tonights entertainment though I rarely actually listen to music for the sake of it I’m listening to

Blue – Eiffel 65

Barbie girl – Aqua

seriously both songs spent months on the vidjuke at Mt Druitt AMF centre during term 4 rec sport

then theres Green day my favourite band of all time with

American idiot

and my favourite song
Hitchin’ a ride, which one of the Muso apprentices we had at work had never heard

and lets end the list with their most famous

Good Riddance

I must start listening to music again just for Saturday night boogie, don’t forget to check out Little White dove to see who’s joining in


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Bloggers Boogey

  1. Awesome list Bee!! I’m loving the old school stuff, and who can go past a bit of Good Riddance? I don’t think I’ve heard the other two, so I’m ready to rock the studio!

  2. *Snap Bee, I had one of the same songs! I loved Greenday and loved Dookie, played over and over on my stereo back in the day – gosh I own a LOT of CD’s!!! Looking forward to next weeks pics!

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