She Runs the night!

unfortunately I have no photos from the event, but have stolen some from the She Runs Facebook page

 it was AWESOME, an event organised by Nike, for women only !

13kilometers around centennial park, the atmosphere was awesome , big inflated balls everywhere lit up, on the course they were used as Kilometre markers

along the course there were 4 drink stations, which I thought was awesome considering for a 5-6k there is usually only one,

there were DJs lights in trees, trees wrapped in pink , flame throwers,

the last kilometer the marshals all mentioned how far to go

“keep it up girls only 1 k to go”

“you’re doing great only 500meters”

“great job girls, watch your step here, only 300 meters to go”

that’s where I picked up the pace a little

“that’s great keep that pace your doing well only 200 meters to go”

“keep it up girls almost there only 100 meters”

that’s where I started to sprint, frightening a couple of girls in front of me, around the hall of industries a quick wave top mum and dad and into the door, which I though was the finish line then looked up and saw the finish sign maybe 20 metres inside,

it was so so so hot in there with all of the bodies already inside celebrating their finishing I felt the tears welling up as I continued on , struggling to breath let alone function, I crossed the line and was handed a she runs the night branded aluminium bottle full of water

I wandered around a bit picked up a protein shake,

took my shoes off stretched a bit put my tracksuit on then wandered out to find mum and dad and go back to their house where I sat in the bottom of the shower for a bit then crawled into tip boy’s bed hoping he didn’t randomly come home drunk as he has been known to occasionally do, though at the moment I believe he is on a detox

a little after 10pm I received an SMS saying my gun time (being the time it took me from the first starting gun at 7pm to the finish was 1:52:44

in the morning mum offered me a spa while she made breakfast who am I to refuse, I had to fish a little frog out first and he kept me company from the edge for quite a while

tonight the chip times (the time from crossing the start to crossing the finish)became avaliable

1:46:34, much better than I had hoped for being that my hope was to finish within 2 hours

tomorrow I’ll be running my first Sri Chinmoy 16k I didn’t really think enough before signing up for that one  and now I don’t want to waste the entry even if I have to hobble the whole thing so I’m going regardless of aches and pains, I’ll be happy to finish that one no matter how it happens


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