Sometimes the Universe is telling you something


And sometimes you just can’t help but listen

this morning after dragging myself out of bed on the 5th alarm at 5am I was dressed and out the door by 515 and just arriving at the ferry at 520 only to see the ramp being raised and it pulling out… Damn, sign 1 that i shouldn’t go to work today

then driving along I find myself nodding as in falling asleep…. possibly sign 2 ? ….. I decided to stop at the first servo and get some “V” energy drink which at the moment comes with a smart phone armband (win win ;-))

an across the radio comes, there has been a fire in a commercial complex at this morning Dural , flames coming within 20 meters of petrol pumps, the service station and surrounding houses have been evacuated …. fantastic, hopefully its not the servo I was aiming for

Driving through Dural, a slight smell of smoke? nah probably just imagining it because I know there’s been a fire in the area

around the bend and Bang the road is covered in trucks with flashing lights, then I see the witches hat and the Ute parked in the middle of the road directing traffic into the nearest turn off…. Damn ….. all take that as a shouted, DONT GO TO WORK

so  ring in sick explain the situation, ill be up to 2 hrs late by the time i get there etc etc etc and go home ….. sometimes you are being told something, sometimes its ok to ignore, others, its just not worth it


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