Bills burthdae

Alternative title: Meeting the locals
This week a small envelope turned up in our letterbox, a lovely little handwritten note from Bill down the road requesting we attend his 70th Birthday Party, and please bring a chair each and arrive anytime from Noon
so this afternoon we packed a little cooler of drinks, grabbed a few chairs and wandered down the road to Bill’s place, New faces everywhere, I do a good job of keeping myself anonymous around here mostly as a result of working odd hours

there were the Alcos, one who said his name actually is Al Coe not sure if it’s true but ok, the members of the ‘C’ club we suspect there are a few around more than let it be known, the quietly spoken copper (not sure I’m comfortable with him but seems nice enough) with his Nurse wife who got through 2-3 bottles of sparkling red by herself ….. they left early
and the Blended family, only one child with them, conveniently around the princesses age

so while the Smalls played on the driveway and hid around the small yard the adults talked and drank…… I feel I may need to call in sick tomorrow with a case of too many bubbles

The talk was great, stories of the area, apparently the road once went through where our carport now stands and salvage is a good profession to be in
Bill recieved many bottles of alcohol and put all of them up to share, a pretty good Barbecue cooked for dinner

after it got dark I left the boy there and brought the Princess home gave her a bath in not the best looking water (think the tank is a bit low)

got her dressed, and she insisted on sleeping in her Tent, a kiss good night and “could you please close the door because I don’t like the sound of the crickets” and she tucked herself under my old camp blanket and went to sleep


The boy came home somehow and in a very drunken state, he was not amused and insisted that it was poor parenting to let the child sleep on the floor….. and that I should put a robe on before putting the child into her bed…. I ignored the robe comment but knowing what he’s like when Drunk went about putting her to bed around the Boy who was trying to make her bed with fresh sheets which only needed a doona or blanket thrown over it to be considered made as I’d put the fresh sheets on with the intention of her going to bed before she insisted on sleeping on the floor in her tent


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