Something I’ve been thinking about for a while, This whole paleo thing and how it works with me, I often feel disheartened when I read posts on other blogs saying things like Friends don’t let friends do cardio, and running is bad so don’t do it Lifting heavy things is all you should be doing, mostly because I really enjoy my runs, and these posts are accompanied by discussion on what damage this is causing with altering hormone levels etc

then I look at the people from DPIfitness, they do things like triathlon, as well lifting heavy things…… now my understanding of triathlons is that it is pretty much pure cardio work, obviously strength helps but the events themselves, well…. …… they also use Paleo as a template for what the eat but not as a full life thing

Now I understand the reason for this to be that in Palaeolithic times people ran because they were hungry and chasing food or because they were avoiding being food, so your body produces a stress response, which is fair enough, we are also encouraged to reduce stress in life all in the interest of hormone balance

but none of this accounts for… what if you feel the urge to run, be it caused by stress in life or threat of sabre tooth tiger is it better to run that stress off. I know myself i have quite a bit of stress in life, and often feel the urge to run, don’t care were to or for how long, just to get out there and put one foot in front of the other leaving my worries behind me as fast as I can, though sometimes I take my worries with me and sort them out as I go

seriously  no amount of lifting weight (which i can’t do at the moment Sad smile) will ever replace for me the stress relief that a k or 5 gives though it also makes me feel good but in a different way

on top of all that, how else does one train for something like a Tough Mudder, surely people don’t go from doing half hour Tabata sessions or what ever other sprint style work they do to running a 20k event, yet I’ve seen it blogged about in blogs that discuss keeping Cardio to a minimum

so I wonder if the true meaning is to not ‘Do Cardio” for the sake of doing cardio but if you enjoy running up to 5-10 k every now and then it’s ok but as soon as it becomes a chore perhaps its time to stop doing it, an I wonder how does this relate to the persistance hunters of africa or the Tarahumara of south America who both seem to do quite well despite running great distances fairly regularly

and then there is the food, I see some blogs that are strict as, and the writer appears to never let a piece of grain fed meat, legume, dairy product or sugar, cross their lips ever, they ask awkward questions at restaurants and shop at farmers markets and only buy the best of the best (the first I’m too shy to do, the second not rich enough) yet some high profile blogs talk about enjoying the odd burrito or commercially made Easter egg from how I read it as being good for the soul, basically, it’s no good being 100% strict with your diet at all times if you are feeling deprived or left out as a result, back to the 80-20 approach. Which for me means, I do the best that I can, if i can get good quality grass-fed beef (organic or otherwise) I’m over the moon, I occasionally will treat myself to Organic Pastured eggs I buy vegies and fruit and do my best to consume them, but in my Coffee, which in most cases I’m down to one a day I like to have milk, and occasionally I enjoy the odd burger bun and all or a go quality (as in well flavoured non chain) slice of pizza or 10, I may pay for it later with not feeling fantastic but really, what’s living if you can’t enjoy a fun meal with friends


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