I often wake at odd times like this, 3am 2:30am for no apparent reason other than I’ve slept enough, as whe I wake I’m AWAKE, I can lay there all I like I won’t make much difference but in Two hours time I’ll be set to crash again and probably sleep to late in the morning

I was reading somewhere recently that this is a natural thing, people aren’t meant to sleep for 8hrs straight, there are household manuals and articles from the 16 and 1700’s talking about the first and second sleep (apparently sex is more enjoyable after the first sleep)

I wonder if my early morning waking is a throwback to way back when, before we were told to sleep in straight blocks. I wonder what it was like to change, did large groups take up the practise? did Drs orders start to suggest sleeping all night? did we just start working more and differently so crashing for 6-8hrs became the norm because everyone was exhausted?

then I wonder if it’s the shift work, though generally when I wake my going back to sleep time, if I get the chance before the alarm sounds, coincides with the time of night on nightshift that it gets harder to keep my eyes open


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