one little action

One job I got last week, go power test that train they’ve just amalgamated because half has been sitting around for a week, no worries, they want it in
an hour, sure easy

wander out to the train, climb into the appropriate cab look around, everything is dead, lights on the dash flickering ….. flat batteries, fantastic
try the other end of the 4, also dead …. Damn,
try to get power from the other 4 which are running, nope , wait the power jumper isn’t through

jump down and pop the jumper head out of its receptacle … hmm dirty, meh most of them are, stick into opposite receptacle twist push, half way, twist, change position ready for the shove, SHOVE nothing moves, try to pull back out, twist, nothing moved, TWIST, nothing moved, Damn needs lubing

looooooong walk back to get some WD40

spray the thing with WD twist wiggle push shove, alter position get down low, grabbing as much grip as one can standing on gravel SHOOOOOOOVE, ‘PoP’ cool its in ohh that hurt a bit , meh effort pain, flick a few switches power everything up test away, alls good

an hour later, hmm my arm shouldn’t feel like that, better report… want to see the Doc, sure why not

doc says Tennis elbow, Physio rest lift no more than 2.5kg….. Damn

a week later

visit Doc again now with added shoulder ache, didn’t mention the hip/butt pain …. another 2 weeks restriction, DAMN

now everything aches, how can one little action that I perform regularly cause so much Discomfort?


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