The frustration that is “The New Bloke”

So reality is he’s not that new, he’s been in the Job at a lower qualification level for around 3 years

he has taken 4 attempts and an extreme amount of coaching and tuition to pass the assessment for the level everyone is expected to be qualified at ….. this has never happened before

this week is his first or second out of training, last night was the first that I’ve worked with him in his now qualified role of “Running Mechanic” , I now understand why it has been so difficult for him

First I’ll show you this, tonight I decided to organise my tool bag here are the first things that I make sure fit, anything else is optional


First are my two Circuit books, mine are so well used that I need to have them replaced every year or two, they either fall apart or get too dirty to read, second is my multimeter, the books aren’t much use if you don’t have one with you, Third is a set of keys, no good having the tools to do the job if you can’t open the door, a majority of running mechanics will carry these with them at most times, others have them in an easy to retrieve location

anyway, we got a fairly simple Fault finding Job, My workmate, tells me not to worry about bringing my tools as he has his, so I grab my keys and off we go.

He had this fault during his recent assessment, for him it was a wire of in a fairly obvious location, so we looked there nothing obvious
“I think it’s 7 wire” he says

I look at him, ” hmm probably but it’ll be somewhere else this one is all good, Where’s ya book? let’s get started”

” oh I don’t need the book” he says, “I have it all in my head”

“no you don’t, got ya book? let’s make sure”

“Really I know it I just finished the course”

“I’ve been doing this for years, I don’t know any of the circuits by heart, you don’t know it like you think you do”

and wander off to get my bag, with him trailing behind saying he’ll get his book

Return with the book discover yes it is 7 wire but the next stage doesn’t as I’d hoped have any points other than that one in the cab, Up in the roof, while my knowitall workmate is fumbling through his book I start 7, 7a, 7b, 7c…. where’s C loooking looking …. ooh looky there’s a wire hanging in the breeze 7e….. bet that’s the break

“really you think so what does that go to that would cause that”
“well you said you know the circuit. have a look in you book it goes here then there the tells the thing to do its thing”

the second biggest thing the trainers look for in assessment is efficiency in fault finding, i.e: the student gets their metre and book out and starts following the circuit
this man is constantly studying his circuit books and assumes he has the circuits imprinted on his brain so even in assessment he wasn’t taking them with him until the 4th assessment where his employment became on the line


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