a creak and a groan from the stairs, disturbs us enough to know, we have a small visitor on her way up, click, creak shuffle, groan …. SIgh, another early morning 3rd or is it 4th in a row

she knows we’ll never refuse her, sometimes, like yesterday she’ll have a reason “mummy I heard something”, this morning she just climbed straight up the middle of the bed “I want to be under the blanket”, sigh, re arrange the comfort of out bed …… and then it starts *cough*. *cough*,*cough*,*cough*,*cough*,*cough*


the last few nights despite feeling fine when she climbed in she felt like she was on fire within 10 minutes

I’m sure I should be feeling sympathetic towards her but in reality, I’ve been awake at 02:30 for at least 3 mornings in a row, I just want a decent sleep


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