out for a run

I have no idea what possesses me but occasionally I get this strong urge to go for a run, never mind its a “rest day” (did I mention I’m in training for Tough mudder) or that I did a session with the Personal trainer this morning which generally is bigger than what I do on my own, I just feel like a run, occasionally I go most of the time I plonk myself in front of the telly or whatever feeling guilty for wanting to be away from home for that half hour or so that a run will take me anyway, Monday night after having done a weight session in the morning, still in my Gym gear because I’m on holidays and not going anywhere, I decided to go, the boy told me to go or it’ll get too late and I’ll regret not going

he suggested I run “to the Dirt” for a change, usually a head for the ferry, sounded like a good plan. so I filled my hydro pack and headed off, sloshing up the hill , that direction is much quieter, there are horse and cattle farms, and around the 3k mark another little suburb starts, apparently its known as Sunnyvale  because its sunny there most of the day, not blocked by the mountains on either side, or something like that….. OK so by the 3 k mark my hip (ITB to those who know) was causing its usual issues, and my ankle was aching on the other leg so I walked a fair bit jogging every now and then to see how things were feeling, I was beginning to wonder if there was any dirt at all there was the odd rumble of thunder which made me worried about hearing the cars and then i came to this sign…..


now the dirt used to start from near our local fire station, 1.5k in the opposite direction from our house I’ll guess increased traffic lead to it being tarred this far, apparently the road (yep the road) is heritage listed so what can be improved on it is very limited, meaning it will never be widened :-/ and there will most probably never be paths or a decent shoulder on it … sigh……. anyway the dirt is now gravel and I turned around saying hello to a local cyclist on his way to an RFS meeting tripped up in a pot hole caught my feet and kept on shuffling gradually the thunder and now lightning got closer and louderImage

shuffle shuffle, slosh slosh, Ka-Boom…. and then the rain started, quite lightly at first but then heavier and harder, I was thankful that it didn’t hail , the rain was quite nice to run in, i have a slight over heating issue, the rain just made everything feel so good, occasionally splashing through the puddles, keeping an extra eye out for cars, just simply enjoying the moment


abor half a Kilometer from home, a little green car appeared over the horrizon and started flashing its lights at me, first thought…. whadya want I’m over as far as I can get

and then I realised it was the boy and the princess out to rescue me from the horrible scary rain… Awww

so basic stats as the GPS signal was too weak for a map,

6.75 Ks (longest run so far)

1:02:57 (not anywhere near the fastest

average pace 9’19″/Km … pretty average really considering my aim is to be under 9

and for those who care about such things 499 Cal burnt


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