So much to tell you

I’m pretty sure theres a book of that title, perhaps from the Tomorrow when the war began series? Wait thats right it was by the same writer, I devoured John marsden books at school, some were of the Restricted kind which ment, having gone only to year 10 I could only read them in the library usually alongside another two books one beside my bed, one in my bag for those less than interesting classes, or walking home

Any way, I got a bit sidetracked I often feel I have soo much to write yet by the time I actually get to sit at the keyboard its either all gone, no longer makes sense or there are another 3 things buzzing around that really don’t fit under the same title, and I couldn’t be bothered writing 3 different posts, though really I probably just should

the other thing, is Photos, its a pain getting them from my camera since I cant find my card reader and my camera takes a minni memory stick whic really doesn’t fit in the slots on the laptop, it’s too short, I’m always worried I’ll lose it in there

Thats still no excuse, I have an iPhone, I have the wordpress app, perhaps I need an iPad (sigh) so my eyes don’t get so tired of course, but I do have a netbook with a blogging pogram on it

Lets just go with I’m lazy and I lack motivation….meh

now Last week over at Fox in Flats ther was a hair dare, Andrea aims to have a Dare each week this year to help get Mummys and I guess anyone else out of their “uniform” For me since the boy cut my hair back to shoulder length with layers etc its been pig tail, so I can get a majoriy of the bit in and tied back  so here are this weeks hairstyles


this weeks dare is scarves, I don’t actually have any scarves so I’ll sit this one out I think

Now this Evil Lovley lady brought this pretty girl with her to quilt camp, I’d been lookin around admiring Blythe pictures for a while, occasionally considering buying one only to pull back at the price, but well seeing her in person, really helped my decision along…. I now own two

meet …….

Abigail and Betsy …. not a great pic but I can work on that

now before all of this it was christmas and miss’ 4th birsday (as she says it)

we had Number 4 cake cmp[lete with My little pony figurines

and of course she was spoilt with a “fairy horsey, a dora backpack and a new bike

and before that was newyears eve, Miss’ first experiance with Sparklers

my Brothers dog struggling to stay up

and of course Bubbly drinks in fancy plastic glasses

and before that was Christmas

…. with fun food and family

I think that brings me to the end of what seems to be an epic post

untill next time…


2 thoughts on “So much to tell you

  1. ohhhh what a wonderful post full of pics…I loved it! Can’t believe how much “lil Miss” has grown. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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