By beebeejaybee

Dear Jane Progress, and this weeks 7

As of this morning I have 19 blocks completed.. it looks something like this

progress 8-1-2012

these are the blocks I made this week

K-8 Spring brook Park…. don’t ask too much about this one, it was a major headache

K-12 Doris’s Dilemma, was suprisingly easy to put together, I could see this making a nice quilt possibly as a larger block

K-2 Grandpas chickens….. falls into the done is better than perfect category, thoes squares should be straight but if I spent too much time on it I’d just get frustrated

K-13 Brandon’s Star… I should look up who brandon is I like this block too

K-11 Columbine …. this one may have involved a little swearing , which is funny because “Spring Brook Park” didn’t it was a little challenging but I love the way it turned out

K-3 Seven Sisters….. I need to work on my squares being more square I think

K-9 Scouts honor, another easy one, wasn’t sure about the fabric but it seems to work quite well

now off to cut another 7 🙂


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