By beebeejaybee

One a day…. aWIP challenge

there was talk on the EB quilters group about starting a WIP challenge, obviously aimed at completeing quilt projects

personally I have 3 some have many more

mine are
12in blocks from
Dear Jane
and the quilt top I started at quilt camp which now requires turning into a quilt

now during the discussion of my small number of WIPs somebody suggested I could do 1 Dear Jane block a day, I like the sound of that but with work etc I often don’t get time to do anything at all in a day, so I figure, 7 per week is around about the same goal
here are the first 7 cut out ready to sew



One thought on “One a day…. aWIP challenge

  1. those bigger boards are awesome! I must get me a couple of those at the shops today 🙂

    I have 3 blocks cut ready to sew PLUS a couple of foundation pieced and applique blocks too!

    GLon 7 per week!

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