Out for a walk

we decided to take ourselves for a little walk in the national park  that backs on to our place…. only 3ks to the great north road we thought should take an hour or so, so off we went


we found some interesting rocks


and some caves


we followed a little trail of stacked stones

20111228-163804.jpgwe wennnd up the ridge and down the hilland up the ridges


the princess was somewhat brave , though requested picking up at the worst times, we told her to be better than dora the explorer and not need a map

20111228-163905.jpg3 hrs later ….see that rock, we wanted to be on top of it


there wew some pretty views thou, we told the princess that this was where the Fairys lived


we eventually after 4hours of bush found the great north road

20111228-163937.jpgwe live down there somewhere

our little walk was followed by ice cream at the kiosk across the ferryand a walk home which required me to take my boots off half way, as my toes were so sore, I think eventually I may lose my toenails


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