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the Nightmare that is Moving house, buying a new car and Quilt camp

well we’ve finally move, yes we are still together, all I can say is conveniance and $ win out for the moment

……. Anyway, never ever ever get a home lon with St George Bank they stuffed us around something huge, we came very close to not only losing the place we bought but also to losing the house that was ours all because of their system stuff ups, I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed out in my life, the previous owner of our new place later told us hed recieved a letter through his solicitor from our bank, wanting to pull out because of the type of title being wrong….. we knew nothing of this and early next year will be considering our options on moving to other banks, even if we can only move our savings out to start with without paying huge fees (exit fees are banned now but we are on fixed intrest for a couple of years that may effect things)

anyway the night finally came, settlement went through at almost 5 pm after a huge bungle by the bank (we were supposed to have two loans side by side, they used the new one to pay out the old one and gave the excess to the seller)….. that was on the friday, we finished moving the bulk o our stuff at around 11pm, bet the neighbours loved us that night, since our driveway is so steep dad kept spinning his wheels on it

the first thing we set up was the TV with a DVD player and the lounge to keep a certain small somebody out of our hair, luckily the previous owner gave us a single bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe, perfect for the princess Image

that would be out front yard as viewed from the verandah

The stove is aincent… the oven is in farenhiet but the kitchen is huge compared to what we had, my stick mixer and milkshake machine now live on the benchImage

Like my new Le Cruset?…. they are a little harder to cook with but well worth learning

following moving in I ran another race


Loving the ‘Pose’ šŸ˜‰ look it up you’ll understand what I’m aiming for


anand then there was the Roadtrip to ‘Quilt Camp’, you can probably read more about it here

the only way across the river from where we now live to civilization

Mozzies around here are nastyImage
a gift from our neighbours

Ā Ā 

now while I was away, from Sydney to Warwick, a 10 hour drive, I stopped over in Tamworth, the home of country music found myself a cabin in a van park for the night and settled in, The Boy rang me and said he had found a super ecconomical car in coffs harhour, which is on my way back(not really but sorta)….. so after a few hours and an hour driving in this

I settled myself in a nice little hotel room in coff harbour and waited for the morning to test drive the new car ……. it drove well enough and considering we had excess cash that we could either put on the new house or spend on a new much more ecconimical car….. the car won out, we traded the happy face buss in on a sleek new Green, “green” machine… a ford fiesta Econetic, its diesel costs about $45 to fill up and will do almost 800ks on that tank


2 thoughts on “the Nightmare that is Moving house, buying a new car and Quilt camp

  1. Ya looking great girl…
    …and love the “green machine” !
    I have a little (lot older) Ford Festiva that runs like a dream..and very econimal too šŸ™‚

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