Brain Dumps

Where did it all go so wrong?

The Princess is away for the weekend with grandma and grandad, we have the house to ourselves , this worked out quite nicely for the first few hours of today ………..

Then the scotch came home, we won’t through the usual knowitall stuff, followed by the should have joined an outlaw club stuff, then the I’m the real Jeff stuff nice Jeff is just a show, then the accusations of cheating and my having been raped as a kid (no I haven’t ) and complaint about the lack of sex (seriously I’m supposed to find the constant woe is me routine sexy?) accusations I must be gay, not that theres anything wrong with that, then the tears about failing….. then the threats to go bash someone, this time including my family members, then the need for a trundle

I didn’t want to go, I’m generally not scared of him when he’s like this but what he might do to any random in the street who looks at him the wrong way………..

I begged him to stay, sit with me, talk to me

I locked the door, stay I don’t want you to go give me your keys, sit with me

don’t make me kick you in the balls

BIG MISTAKE apparently

he says you want equality, come on then kick me and I’ll kick you back (in the same area) and starts throwing random kicks around……… one hits me in the mouth

he grabs me, He so so sorry …….. but I shouldn’t have threatened him

I try to pull away, there’s blood on his shirt, just a little, there’s a drop on the floor I’m Bawling how could he …. and then make it my fault, Isn’t that what wife beaters do? make the wife believe she’s done wrong? is this for real

I pull away I’m hurt, I’m angry I don’t want to deal with this, I start the dishes again, to I’m sorrys combined with go on call the cops have me taken away. and then the cherry on top, you’ve been getting more and more confident lately, you’re being to cocky you shouldn’t do that,I’m going for a trundle

now he is asleep in our bed I climbed in, he woke and asked something, told him to go back to sleep, nigh nighs he says and starts snoring then sounding scarily like he might vomit

I’m sleeping tonight in the princesses bed, I guess we’ll see what the morning will bring, more than likley he won’t remember a thing

oh and the blood,it came from my gum though my top lip still hurts


3 thoughts on “Where did it all go so wrong?

  1. You know what you need to do. Next time Princess may well be home. And you know there will indeed be a next time, and you need to make sure that this time was in fact the last time. Ever.

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