Lifting heavy things

well yesterday morning I stopped in at the Gym as usual but this time aimed my workout at lifting, but of course taking it a bit easy so as not to hurt myself

first I rowed, it’s a good warmup for everything 850m worth

next pull ups on that wonderful invention the assisted chin/dip, to he through 5reps I needed a counter weight of 60kg …. hmm Last time I weighed myself I was 85kg, to do one and one alone I need a counter weight of 30kg

then Bench press….. what can I say, I can benc the bar Woo hoo, My darling little brother says that is a great start, I guess it’s better than not being able to, anyway I need to work on my form there

next Squats I did 2 sets with just the bar to get the feel for it followed by 1 with 10 kg and one with 14.5kg, yess I know I was doing them right now

lastly dead lifts I’m not real sure on these I used to do stiff legged ones lots but never did traditional I picked up the 10kg preset bar but found it too light eventually I found the 25kg to be quite nice for requiring effort, I hope my dear little brother will make a nice little trip with me and tell me if I’m doing it right


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