Goals aims logs and all that stuff

After yet another dissagreement about my exercise routine, where the boy says…

‘you shouldn’t lift heavy you won’t lose weight or size you just turn fat to muscle, you just want to tone do light weight with lots of reps’…

and everything else says otherwise , I aproached my dear little brother who is currently very into crossfit and sees lots of girls who lift very heavy and tells me bodyweight isn’t heavy

now my main aim is to be able to lift my body weight as suggested in this post, obviously the boy is not going to be helpfull in this so I’m left relying on my brother who now lives 3 hours away and the internet, number one thing I need to do is find where i’m at I need a bench mark, just like starting C25k where running for 90 seconds just about trashed me and I barely reached 3k, and I now run 4.2k  and 28minutes straight

brother said I’ll be fine I just need to set clear goals for myself….. now weight and size loss are not actually any of my goals, I started running purely because, huffing and puffing up stairs was not good and I wanted to be fitter, I have lost 0kgs since I started running it doesn’t bother me, I haven’t gained anything either

out of weight training I purely want strength, I want to do some more mud runs and obsticle courses, I can’t lift my own weight how can i expect to cross a monkey bars obsticle or anything else that requires vaulting and climbing, never mind the usefulness at work of just being stronger


2 thoughts on “Goals aims logs and all that stuff

  1. You can do it! I am sorry your boy is not being much help. I have been lifting heavy for a while now. I will be honest with you- I am not light, but my muscle mass does not look bulky at all!! I really dont think I could bulk up if I wanted to!! Keep us posted! I am strong girl and like to see other girls find the benfits and joys of lifting!!

  2. I agree with buckfortygirl you should keep up with the heavy lifting. It is a very old and completely wrong myth that lifting heavy will make women big and bulky. Trust me it is not that easy to put on muscle mass. I know a lot of women that lift really heavy and are not bulky at all, they have nice strong bodies. In my opinion “toning” with light weight and lots of reps is a waste of time. If you want to get strong and lean move some heavy weight! Good Luck.

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