Good healthy REAL food

while the boy is still dead against the whole paleo thing he will support me as much as agreeing to buy what I need and keeping the complaining to a minimum…… this is good I guess

so with the fridge which is way too cold loaded up with veggies I begin, breakfast is an omelette with mushrooms and avocado, would have put tomato in too if I remembered it was there…… lunch, Salad lots of veggies with two boiled eggs which could have been boiled a little longer
an then we come to dinner
I’m not sure I’m hungry for dinner but I’m cooking anyway so I have something easy for breakfast/ lunch tomorrow

dinner is one of my favourites, Thai yellow curry, I was rather pleased when I read the jar of Thai yellow curry paste and found it only contains spices, perfect, coupled with a tin of 100% coconut cream also perfect, now sitting on my stove bubbling away filled with colourful veggies and chicken …… mmmmm



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