A Home Among the Gum trees

Finally we have bought it

Pictures will come when we move, its in a rural village, about 1.5 hrs from work but it makes the boy happy to be moving out of sydney

Personally I’m begining to have my doubts, an hour and a half to work… without traffic
I have to cross the ferry every day
I can’t just drop in to anybodys place
inviting people for dinner …. well I wonder if its considered rude since we know they have at least an hour to drive…. so they’ll have to stay right, in our two bedroom house, the master is a loft style, sure most won’t care but well I like to give my guests privacy
so Lunch it generally will be
there is no town water no more long showers
will my ISP transport there, is their equipment there better than here, I know I’ll have no mobile coverage so internet and phone are a must

slowly slowly the more I think about it the more I wonder if we are doing the right thing, going in the right direction, sure days like today, waking up and taking a walk in the national park or watching the birds in the backyard will be nice but what about te other times, will the parcel man still deliver, can I get things freighted like we did our new Kayak this week





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