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Do you want to sell a house or what

WE ARE MOVING…… we at least that’s the plan, The Boy found a nice little place at Wisemans Ferry, only 2 Bedrooms but on a big block that backs the National Park, Talk about peace and Quiet

we finally got approval for a Relocation loan today BUT they need a copy of the front page of the contract to finalise everything

Ring the agent,

‘ we need a copy of the contract with the negotiated price and our names on it’,

‘You’ve got a copy’

‘no, that one has the asking price and no names on it’

‘you need to get your solicitor to organise that’

‘ um no I need it from you, you’ll also need to send a copy to my conveyancer come the time for her to deal with, We have been instructed by her to not sign anything until our house is on the market’

‘oh I’m in the office on my own to day the S has hit the fan….. blah blah blah …. I’ve only been in sale 4 month purely on commission and haven’t earned anything yet….. blah blah blah….. my boss is essentially working 2 jobs and only gets 4 hours sleep a night …… Blah Blah ……. What’s the rush anyway you’ve got approval we don’t have to get this done untill the end of November …..’

WTF, seriously I don’t care about your problems I want to get on with business

‘Mate this is stressing me out, big purchases always do I want this over and done with as soon as possible’

‘Oh well we’ll be out there on Saturday and go through these this things with you my boss has a letter stating names and offer etc he’ll give you’

Somebody show me to a brick wall please bashing my head against that would be less painful.

Now if it weren’t the Perfect house for us in an Ideal location I’d be calling the whole thing off, seriously if the man hasn’t been in the business that long he should have a Senior staff member available to help out with things like this within a phone call or two at least.

we were going to have them sell our house but if the man is too busy to talk to me about my needs for buying a place from him how is some poor first home buyer going to go dealing with him.

I’m sure from memory buying a house with minimum settlement period should take between 7 and 9 weeks from making the offer to moving in allowing for banks etc to do what they do

If we still aren’t in the place by the start of November I will not be impressed, I have a holiday planned in the middle of November I was expecting to be unpacked and settled by then. even if our current house hasn’t sold yet


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