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The Beast and a holiday

She arrived almost a week early…. I couldn’t believe it, I’d extended my holidays and all because I wasn’t going to get my hands on her till almost the end of my holidays

sadly she mostly sat n the shed for the first few days of my holidays, we had plans that included lots of the boy driving and parking and driving and parking……. I find it unbelivable that a driving instructor would teach someone how to do a reverse park using the already parked cars door handle and the mirror of thier car…. followed by turn the steering wheel upside down and reverse until you are almost in then turn it bac the right way…… now stick that student into our kombi, and tell him to park behind a truck trailer (after him telling you 10 years of driving experiance means nothing if you aren’t an instructor) and watch him make every excuse under the sun about it not being a car then watch him panic when he realises that turning the steering wheel upside down without power steering does diddly squat ….. suddenly what my driving instructor taught me 12 years ago (regarding the rear of the car and the thing you are parking behind along with fractions angles and timing)Β is not me being a knowitall and he can do it perfectly….. interestingly he didn’t do it in the test at all


that would be a big red P for Pass πŸ™‚

so bright and early thursday morning I got to up and got to work in the shed, Making the beast MINE

and hit the road

550 Kms in 13 hrs……. most of which was through pouring rain, I took a packed lunch, stopped and had coffee with a friend, ate an enormous burger on the way home at the F3 Cafe

sadly the rest of my holiday has included not feeling well and sleeping…. though I did sell my bonne πŸ˜₯ and buy some new gear with the profits


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