By beebeejaybee

Costal breeze and a new overlocker cover

its not the best photo but you get the Idea…. its too cold to muck around to much anyway…. I will definatley be making more of this….. now what to do with the leftover MM knit

fabric : MM Zen Garden Berry/STELLA 145cm x 50cm INK

after making my dress I realised my overlocker cover is in need of repair or replacement….. so I took my old scissors and cut along the seams untill I had the first  picture , and because I figure I won’t be replacing it again, I traced the shapes directly onto some fabric from my stash straightened the lines a little …. actually by the time I got to tracing the last piece I was dotting the corners and ruling the lines, then added 1/2in seam allowance, first I hemmed and attached the side of the pocket that wouldn’t be within a seam to the front (right sides facing sew down the line then flip back) and ironed the pocket flat before basting the other two sides, a full width pocket on this machine would be useless unless you added extra give as the table comes hard against the left hand side of the cover, then I cut the handle hole, with a 1/2 in allowance inside, cut to the corners on the angle (from corner of the allowance to marked corner of the hole) folded the alowance in and hemmed, I imagine this could be bound but this way was quicker and easier and with the amount of use this gets I probably could have left the edge raw forever with no worries, then I joined the sides front and back together the front was a little tricky as it has a little dogleg in it and finally I attached the top and hemmed the bottom and voila! easy as …. as long as you take care on the corners that is


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