By beebeejaybee

Uptown Girl…….

Its finally done

when the boy saw it the first thing he said was “it needs pockets” …… sigh


sadly my little miss wont have a bar of it so no modelled photos


I do not recommend using corduroy for both sides of this


and if I did it again, I’d leave the topstitching of the front of the hood untill you are top stitching around the whole jacket…… it would blend together better that way

considering miss’ reaction, I’m not keen to try this one again, it left me pretty gutted to be told ‘I don’t like it”, “no I wont try it” by my three year old, who an hour or so later found me in the sewing room and asked if I was making her a new dress

I may buy Sprout, I’m not too fond of the look of that dress, but it fits the requirements of hood and pockets and a dress has been requested maybe that will be more of a win


2 thoughts on “Uptown Girl…….

  1. It looks great! I’m sure she’ll love it when she’s in the mood. Temperamental little things these 3 year olds ;). I have a Sprout cut out, actually I have a load of stuff cut out, I just keep cutting not sewing…

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