Brain Dumps

the Whinge fest……

it seems to be about all I do here these days, but I guess better out than in, another crappy week, Champ may end up losing a leg :-/, the princess and the boy are ‘best friends’ just ask her, I no longer know where I stand or what to do.
I’ve perhaps been working too much, I don’t know, maybe, my bike is still off the road, and tonight the boy isn’t talking to me, after I went off at him

firstly there was that horrible story about the live export beef industry that seems to be the talk of the town, I imagined the images to be at least as bad as those of the battery hen stories and the live sheep export stories of a few years ago, the boy described the story to me which was enough to tug at the heart strings, then saw the ending of it or perhaps that’s why the subject came up, I told him what I’d heard was enough ‘I don’t care to see it’ which I repeated several times, but still he paused it and rewound back as far as he could and waited for me to finish what I was doing, toilet, drink, sit ‘I don’t care to see it’ and stuck my head in my netbook, he hits play, then points out the various parts he was mentioning….. the image of the poor beast with a broken leg :’-( the way they aren’t stunned, then comes the part he’d described and we’d discussed as being truly horrible where the beasts were slaughtered in front of each other the last messing himself and shaking with fear by his turn, I lost it, tears and all, I told him of the Nightmares I have that leave me awake for hours while he unknowingly sleeps on and seeing these images doesn’t help at all and that goes with the reason I don’t watch horror/thriller movies and when I say I DON’T CARE TO SEE IT I mean it, “what nightmares” he says “I don’t think I dream anymore if you have nightmares you must also dream” 😦 he doesn’t understand that the dreams leave me confused and lost more often than not being dreams thing happen that shouldn’t be possible etc and the nightmares wake me heart pounding heavy breathing and all and sometimes stop me from wanting to sleep for days more for fear of the resulting feeling than the actual happening

Later we were discussing bikes, I looked up the triumph website and found the 2012 street triple ❤ it's lovely I want one, he told me I work hard enough I should get one if I want it 😀 ………. today that turned around to you should consider your options, look around at what's out there, maybe a 2010 model or something (the shape is different) you are just like my brother not willing to look around before buying, now I have NEVER owned a brand new vehicle, something that only I have driven and I picked the colours and extras for, the model doesn't hit shops till September the chance of seeing something else I like between now and then is pretty good, if I test ride it and don't like it I'm not going to buy it, I also have to save a deposit, we aren't talking a cheap machine here
anyway I too offense to the comment about being like his brother who went out and bought his wife a new car without either of them test driving it just because the gearbox in her 3 year old car was playing up

apparently I'm hormonal and stuffed up and should just F… off

Sometimes I really think I should


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