Brain Dumps


is the source of all destruction…. or something like that, 2 weeks of afternoon running shift, (running= train comes in gets fixed/inspected, goes back to service) is driving me mad,

there is only one person of each trade on the shift for a good reason, the other shifts have two-four during the week and one on the weekend

on top of that I’m …… frustrated…… and. the boy has gone away for the weekend, one of his two weekends away each year which I forgot about, oops …… and then the banks stuffed up our regular transfer which left him somewhere with no access to any money until this morning, he is not going to be happy when he gets home, so I’ll probably stay frustrated for the rest of the week…… sigh

wish I knew what caused this, sudden high level of frustration always at the worst times I never thought Id ever be the one to be turned down


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