Brain Dumps

I feel so ……. Owned

My bike is off the road, the happy face bus won’t start …… riding the sidecar is oneday going to give me a heart attack,

so for tonight I decide to ride my bicycle and catch the train…. problem…. I finish work at 11pm and the pushbike has no lights so the boy points out

No worries I say Kmart is open 24hrs I’ll get some on my way home

his reply though I know is well meaning and all

I Don’t want you hanging around there at that time of night, I’ll give you a lift and you can get the lights tomorrow morning

way to make me feel 12 years old


2 thoughts on “I feel so ……. Owned

    1. It is…. I think the lack of my own transport which means I can choose when and where I got or which way I get home is getting to me…… 5mins after this post one of the young boys I work with told me that he wouldn’t have me catching the train home even if I was getting picked up at the station …. and was very annoyed when I told him I’d caught the train at the same time the Friday before after a few drinks, because he had been finishing a shift about then…… Sigh

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