Good? Friday

For some its a big religious thing, others its the chocolate, there’s mention of bunneees and Zombie Jesus,

For us, at least this year is Sun and sand, the princess, mum, dad, Pa and I again in the little green house by the beach, good food, good drinks…. (ooooh look scotch, very very nice scotch the the boy wouldn’t let me buy in a million years for myself let alone mix with cola )

oops got sidetracked,

The Boy is at home painting the disgusting excuse for a bathroom ceiling, repairing vehicles and hopefully enjoying some girl free time.

I am struggling with the concept of being stuck in a house loaded with chocolate that I’m not allowed to touch for 2 days, because of course the princess is not aware the chocolate exists, even though we don’t officially ‘Do’ the Easter bunny, we still set up an egg hunt and share chocolate Bunnies on sunday

Whats so ‘Good” about ‘Good Friday” anyway?


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