Turn around day

This has to be the worst type of day I have, at work it’s also known as a “pajama book off” because most people end up spending the day in their pajamas, we have so many more of them since the new roster was created, with weeks that start with nightshift and end in dayshift with a 24hr break between your last night and first day.

Personally, I try not to go home on these days, every time I go home I end up crawling into bed and falling asleep, especially this time of year when outside is cold and the boy and the princess are still in bed…..

Sleep is bad mmmkay …..

ok so its very very good and yesterday(my turnaround day) I indulged, being Sunday and all nothing much is open at 7am so I went straight home, and snuggled in and slept till after lunchtime , which is bad, because I start a 9am this morning and usually if I do that I can’t sleep till 2 or 3 in the morning, I must have really needed it though, as I was tired enough to go to bed and sleep at 930 last night and easily was awake at 530, when the princess came in for a cuddle, Sadly an hour before my alarm went off.

so back to work I go, the boy now jokes that I’m married to the railway and he’s the other man, but I’m sure he appreciates the extra $$$$ and the ability to indulge in the things that make life fun, without worrying about how we are going to pay the bills when we do


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