The Happy Face Bus

Well, Just culture is a wonderful thing, we had a small mediation session and agreed not to hold grudges, no on gets in trouble, all is good.

Now onto the subject of todays post


The Princess has claimed it as hers of course and perhaps when she’s old enough it will be


there is a little work to be done here and there but he is a fully functional camper and 4 wheeled vehicle


and as promised, now that we own a Kombi The Boy is working on getting his car licence….. there is a very good reason, partners should not teach each other to drive, worst  of all he won’t listen to me at all and has decided I’m only there to meet the legal requirement of a licenced driver in the passenger seat…sigh

at least he has now had his first official driving lesson, and his instructor can deal with 3 point turns and reverse parking which he still thinks means backing into a parking spot in a car park rather than a parallel park as they used to be known

we’ve already been on one “camping” trip to the Hunter valley staying at the valley vineyard tourist park for my Friend Al’s wedding, I don’t think I’ve been to a more perfect wedding it was held at Roberts on the tower estate the food was amazing, I’ve heard people talk of Creamy oysters before but never experienced them until that night, not being much of a wine drinker the area hasn’t ever had a big calling for me other than its at the end of the road to Wollombi which is a popular ride destination, we only ever stop at the pub there before heading home usually down the Freeway after a big days riding, i haven’t done that in a very long time though

the Happy Face bus was very comfortable to sleep in and after we got home,the boy made some modifications to the kitchen to make the bed easier to set up, I’m looking forward to more trips in him, perhaps we will go to Dubbo Zoo on my next holidays


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