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Dija miss me?

Well its been a while, what can I say……. Farmville, Frontierville, etc etc

apart from that well, I guess we all know about my silly little head sending me off in odd directions, so I just haven’t felt like writing lately

big news we have 4 wheels again, as agreed, if we get a Kombi the boy will get his car licence, soooo we now own a 1974 Kombi camper with a 1972 1600 engine in it, I’ll be the first to admit it needs quite a bit of work but is completely livable and quite decent to drive ….. and then there are the driving lessons, lets just say teaching a 36-year-old man how to drive is a painful experience, he knows how to do it all from his 36 years of being a passenger and I with my 10 years of driving experience has nothing to contribute that would possibly be useful

On the work front, just as things were getting to be O.K again yesterday was the day from hell, I believe the super moon has seriously effected my moods and the day resulted in me screaming swear words at the top of my voice at a manager who everyone knows is incompetent, finding myself so close to wanting to hit him I had to leave the place, all before lunch time, all I can say is it’s a long time coming and there are others who just took longer to crack who all offered to do the hitting for me,.

This afternoon will be a very interesting one as I have to see the manager who looks after my needs and deal with the fact that upper management have been known to tell people they are good mates with this bloke and he will be your boss so get over it…… this may go further than they like, since that seems to be a little conflict of interest to me, oh and they want me to put a paper in on one of the contractors I had a little stalking issue with but didn’t make official due to my past reputation for doing such things because they want him gone and it’s almost the only way we could get rid of him so there may be deals to be had there anyway, sort the problem out properly or the other issue never existed

then again the boy keeps telling me this week and last “this is a really bad menstrual cycle for you isn’t it”, I’m inclined to agree with him, I often get bad PMS, but this is ridiculous, and before you ask no I’m not pregnant and I’d be in big trouble if I were since the boy got snipped almost 18 months ago

well off to get ready to face work again


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