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I think this pic says it all …..

Here is Sydney we are worlds away from the goings on in Queensland, thought many people have friends and family there life goes on as ormal, the only change is almost every TV station is doing an “extended coverage”

The talk is of trauma shock and horror…. and this is for the people watching the images, those in the areas are believed to be still in shock until they are able to return to their homes and businesses and see the damage for themselves

I’m starting to think there is something very wrong with me, I do think it really sucks what these people are going through but I don’t feel shocked and horrified as the news reporters keep telling me I should ….. in awe of the power of nature Yes, but shocked and horrified No, it really doesn’t affect me that much or in that way….. but perhaps thats just because it just dosen’t affect my life

or maybe since last week the coverage has become constant at any time you will find flood news on at least 1 of the 15 or so free to air channels we now have that we’ve become saturated with what should be shocking images but havve seen 50 times a day, I was glad to see that channel 9 was still rnning the 20/20 game of cricket on their main channel where 7 was having yeat another extended news program and the tennis can be found on their second channel, that sucks for people who don’t yet have a digital box even worse if you just got your tv signal/power back and were hoping to catch some tennis but no digi box

I guess thats all I have there is lots happening but thats another post


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