Getting all Domesticky

wow I’ve been away for a while, much has happened, the last of our send offs was almost a month ago, My grandfather passed almost 2 months ago, spring has sprung, summer is fast approaching, My birthday is in 5 days

I’m still lost in life, but I think I always will get that

now back to thee domestic stuff, the boy a few weeks ago refused to buy tomatoes because they were $7 a kilo …… yes I know …… my solution to that is don’t buy a kilo, but he with the bottomless pockets still refused and he does the shopping

second solution to the problem, and getting me outdoors more, rebuild my vegie garden……….. this has been a big line of argument in this house for the last 3 years, a few months after miss came along I decided to get back out there and start again, now had it been left as I had left it this would mean clearing out the grass and weeds and planting some fresh seedlings, but since it wasn’t being used the boy used it as a dumping ground for everything from dog poo to building materials, instant motivation damper

a lot has changed in the yard since then the rubbish is gone but the the grass was growing long and thick


and feeling inspired by something or other, I decided to put a little effort in and reclaim my garden, so with the help of a certain small someone


we cleaned out the grass and levelled the “hill, this week I am collecting newspapers, one of the small benefits of working on passenger trains, the grots and more thoughtful people leave their papers behind, the more thoughtful people will often offer it to someone who is paperless before leaving the train or just leave it in the seat, almost every time the next person will pick it up for a read, anyway, a small pile was collected today I hope to do the same tomorrow then I need to accumulate some lucerne or something, I’m wondering if I can get away with sugarcane mulch, as the boy id freaking out at the cost of hay, $1/kg, I need to get hold of some poo etc. that should be easy enough then hopefully if I can keep the fruit fly away, I can look at growing My own tomatoes, and fancy ones too without the complaints about price

yet another domestic thing…… I baked, at 3 in the morning ……. Beer bread, since we seem to have all of the ingredients and it doesn’t require waiting around for rising etc., its a bit cakier than I expected but I guess it fits more along the lines of damper or scones, still very yummy



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