Camping….. again

wow……………….. a year has passed and the bridle track rally is on again

for some reason I’m not so keen this time round,

perhaps its a send off that I will miss, sad to say but I have enjoyed getting out this year with the boys I work with, I’ve always been so private about these things, I was brought up with the belief that you don’t socialise with your workmates but every couple of months or so seeing as though I only really have online friends and never go out  has been fun.

anyway then there  is the fact its 2 nights away with no shower in sight (eek) where last time we only went for 1, or just that its soooo far away and back again and well the princess has given me some disease which I refuse to go to a DR for I’m sure it will pass but it is knocking me around alot especially at night and early in the morning

ah well we sometimes have to do things we dont really want to


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