A day out with the Princess

she finally has enough hair for pig tails YAY, ok so I was wrestilng with her a brush and some little elastics on the floor to get them in but once she saw them in the mirror she proudly anounced "like Kaiya hair" and refused to stop admiring herself ❤

she is very almost 3 so I’m sure you can imagine the fun and games but we managed to find her new shoes, her feet are huge but skinny so finding cheep wear once or twice shoes from target or Kmart is almost impossible but mission accomplished let the almost 3 year old pick a few out she likes and quickly switch for the right size while she isn’t looking (apparently being a different size can mean the difference between wether she likes the shoe and wants to try it or not)

two coffees and two bus trips, unfortunatley the trains arent running from our station today so no train trip as requested but there was a donut involved, perhaps next time


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