Brain Dumps

and Down we go again

it’s stupid I know, I shouldn’t be upset by it I should know by now but

apparently I should sell my bike :-O as I wish to wear a dress and heels to an upcoming wedding which is casual dress

apparently my lifestyle doesn’t fit with the lifestyle of motorcycles, and because the boy feels like a cripple or something when we borrow a car or get a lift, I should sell my bike, my baby, my beastie…. the most important ‘thing’ in my world, and buy a car so I can go out regularly in nice hair, dresses, and heels.

apparently I should have bought a nice blouse and pants to wear to the wedding ……… ugh

I sent him an email yesterday about how I’ve been feeling and how he has been making me feel. today he said he read it and then told me “you think too much” ……. sigh, yes I do think too much but there is no reply to what I sent


3 thoughts on “and Down we go again

    1. thanks Chicky, the heels can easily be changed and if I were wearing pants I’d do that but the wedding is in a park with next to no amenities so I’d be stuck with a crunched dress and helmet hair

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