Life is good

ok so I’m stuck doing work I hate, for the next month or so
but I am the only applicant for a relief trainers position, which may be pretty much permanent as there is a backlog of training for the next year or so 😀
that equals many more $$$$$ and on dayshift most of the time
the sidecar is finally painted, The boy can take the princess out again
He is happierish if that’s possible, maybe less stressed is the term, he told me not to yell at him and I told him to stop swearing at me, at work most of the boys will go red if they drop the F word, he uses it in his daily speech and doesn’t notice, I’m working on at least fixing that he says it to me in anger sometimes especially since miss has been copying him

I’m feeling good about me, perhaps losing 2kgs in a week has helped or maybe the change in weather just brightened things up who knows, but it’s great to feel good ;-D


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