The Election

image stolen from here
one of these people as of tonight will be prime minister,

one is the first female prime minister even if it has only been a month or two, she is pushed by the other as a back stabber and a money waster, and the mining companies believe they will reduce production and staff if “her” super profits tax comes in

the other is a strict Catholic with interesting views on women, known for wearing “budgie smugglers” and being very fit, he is being pushed by the other side as going to bring back the nasty workplace relations laws that his government lost the last election over.

neither have been overly clear on what their policies are at least not in the main stream advertising, they’ve been too busy telling us what the other has done in the past and may be doing in the future despite regular denials

Lucky there is compulsory voting in this country otherwise I doubt they’d get enough people to show up this time round neither is great neither is super bad

the boy enrolled this year as have many others who haven’t in the past but should have so it could be very interesting


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