the long way home

Back on night shift again, with my bike Again starting first go after replacing the battery yesterday, it’s amazing what a new good quality battery can do for you

So flat out all night, and not lizard drinking style, the sun is shining the air is crisp….. time to head home

get stuck at the bike shed talking workplace politics and sharing mid management’s latest bully tactic. look at photos of car damage ….. Hugs G hope it’s not so bad …… and I’m off into the sunrise.……

such an awesome morning shouldn’t
be wasted with sleeping, so I’m off north, with all the traffic, once I get to
a certain point, I head a little west, I start to need to good but it’s still good, the road that was going up hill now is heading down, winding road signs every few Kilometers I only see one sign the one tha says I’m going the right way, something about the way to berowra waters Ferry being
not suitable for trucks busses and caravans…… bring it on

the road winds down down down occasionally turning back on itself, no faster than 40 just wide enough for two cars to pass. rock face on one side, fence or Armco on the other to stop anyone falling down the drop. it gets cooler, but it’s still good, the engine is purring I’m trying to lean a little or a lot without freaking out…… Damn I’m rusty and stiff

at last the sign I’m looking for, simple yet effective “ferry” along with others directing me to recreation areas and private warves I wait in line , A lucky break the Ferry has just reached this side and unloaded, follow the directions of the ferry master left lane, middle lane, right lane that’s me…… now the serenity, only the sound of the Ferry’s motor can be heard, all engines off, people in their cars fiddle with this and with that

The Ferry lands, while I wait I wonder which side of berowra waters would better to live on, the side I came from had a little building containing a wall of PO boxes, this side has a neat little row of houses all with their own jetty and most holding a small boat
No more time to wonder we are off exit the boat right lane to
left or so the master indicates.

it’s all up hill from here, very windy and very up hill, I’m looking for a Loo, and another sign to tell me where to go next, it comes in the form of an option a way I know will have Traffic and country roads …… I’ll stay away from traffic for now.

what seems like hours pass and many Kilometres I come to another sign a choice, wisemans Ferry or Windsor ……. Wisemans Ferry it is, I think it will be closer I also think I’m on a different side of the river to where I actually am the sign says 6kms of winding road, I love this road, I remember each corner, as the winding gets tighter they get slower right down to two recomended for 15km/h and I’m not arguing with that. they are the last two corners and there I am rumbling through the main street of Wisemans ferry, there is a drs Surgery, a post office, an awesome old Inn a servo a coffee shop the Bowls club and a park…… my first thought is servo, they always have Loos but the servo car park is too slopey to park on, I spot the amenities block in the park with a driveway right up to it, and well go and relieve myself.
I need coffee before heading home, I park
in the only flat carpark in the place at the Inn and go for a wander, the post office first, I need cash….. pick up a couple of postcards while I’m there someone lucky will be sent those, then the coffee shop, run by a super friendly lady and how good is real coffee in the morning. it’s sprinkling but the rain won’t last long, I love the august winds.
Back on the bike getting sore, I’m much better at going up hill than down, I enjoy the ride with no one around to be holding up, taking the corners at my own pace and in my now cold and very stiff way through little country location after little country location…… places for sale everywhere, If only we had the funds, it’s only an hour or so from work I could so do that. at last the dreaded windsor road usually bumper to bumper barely moving, the new works seem to have done the job.
keeping an eye out for the next country road I need, I almost miss it. apparently lots of people use this road, it has two right turn lanes leading into it at a now huge intersection, that in the past if you weren’t on the look out you’d miss it WOW

almost home, my back is aching so is my butt, my bag is heavy my concentration is gone, I run a red light…..$&@! ….. lucky others are watching, I stop at the next…. nearly there up the street round the roundabout another street and I’m at mine, I see the boy with the princess on his shoulders, grinning and waving, they’ve been to playgroup, it’s nice to see them happy and enjoying the sunshine as well

in the nice hot shower I stretch, crack crunch click……. Damn my back is stiff


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