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a very different friday

of course the events of last week have got me thinking how couldn’t they, regardless of what else happened, And the amount of alcohol consumed I haven’t been spoken to in such a way for quite a while, today I requested a proper Kiss from my boy who is only usually happy to throw a quick peck as he passes and how dare I get in the way of the TV or major screen deals sometimes…….. it is what I wanted, nothing major something simple but he’s always thinking or doing something more important to him, now he has fallen asleep in front of ABC kids, how dare we change the channel, and decided to go and watch the other TV, I’d like to just sit and be together.

He’s been drinking with his brother all afternoon and is in an opinionated mood……. little miss told me to “get F… inside” this afternoon because she didn’t want to come with me I saw red smacked her and sent her to her room, then yelled at him for swearing at her, because he does and too often and in the same context, it just brushed off him and within a few minutes he was using the F word in a sentence again grrrr

on the plus side the subject of a certain previous post is again involved in kids(apprentices) games again involving fart bombs and is of no interest or concern to me except maybe to look at (gotta admire a dedicated body builder) again, we haven’t spoken and I even managed to look him in the eye….. the jokes still come the latest because I was offered one of 2 apprentices to work with and told apprentice A is taller than X so I’d probably prefer him lucky these things go away with time

thanks to the commentors on the previous 2 posts it means a lot

Kelley hope you are ok really


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