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An update…… or, why not to drink with workmates

Oh the embarrasment……………………

I feel lucky to have so many people looking out for me, apparently while many remember us being overly friendly, and I have yet to talk to the one who was supposed to catch up or the other boy, we are copping a lot of crap seperatley just for the overly friendlyness to the point of  “what colour is red? Belinda”

the report is

he doesn’t know who was carrying who to the station….. so there is more hope yet of little memory and a much lighter feel today

and he who was trying to catch up was worried enough even in a drunk state, according to his housemate that he wished he had my phone number to see if I got home OK ❤

and somebody else who had hired a room at the local motel and was pretty much not drinking after having a stomach bug the previous week was almost prepared to offer me a space in his room to make sure I was ok  ❤ ❤ ❤ but was worried that it would not look as it actually was and he’d get in trouble

I am promised that I won’t cop anymore crap since I complained to one of the crap givers that I was annoyed that this other boy had an RDO on monday so I copped crap on my own for that day and he was going to get to skip it (since the crap dies down as the week goes on and the joke gets old) apparently I am not as alone as it seems


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