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a Early starts, a New P.M, nightshift and other stuff

ok so I’m home and sleep deprived but really need to stay awake even though the boy and the princess insist they need to sleep…… so 2 cups of coffee 2 caramel crowns and a packet of marshmallows later while catching up on the happenings in magnetoboldtoo land I am here to catch you up on beebeejaybee world.
my job has just become crazy stupid, in the interest of becoming more efficient and apparently in line with private industry (please tell me which private industry is comparable to NSW’s state rail) some consultants were hired and our major inspections were re-sequenced (no idea don’t ask) so now where I once did one full inspection in a day, I start an hour earlier and complete 1/2 an inspection but it takes the same amount of time as it did to do a full one (still with me?) mostly because I have yet to find someone willing to interpret engineer into English for me, aka read first step – “look at the thing” – tick- read second step “check that the thing is there” – yah what?- oh wait I covered that while following step one

anyway I made it through the first week of early morning inspections, getting up at 4am dragging myself down the freeway to swipe on before 6, no time for breakfast or a cuppa straight into it shock to the system there

during that week I hardly watched any television (did I mention the 4am wake ups) so shock horror when I do stop for a cuppa and see the news on all of the channels all day was either that the P.M was being challenged for his job or that Australia now has it’s first ever female leader….. apparently women everywhere are bursting with pride and inspiration …… personally I love my job and you couldn’t pay me enough to be in Julia Gillard’s seat, ever, but that’s just me, yay for Julia

this week was night shift, 9pm starts on the coldest week since 1949 or some such thing, there was ice on the gate when I got home and the beastie almost refused to start ……. waaaaaaay ttoooo cold for my liking…… the boy and the princess have been camping on the lounge room floor all week.

In other news Tip boy got engaged on sunday, it’s none of my business she’s a nice enough chicky, pain in the butt with her food fussiness but that’s not my problem. I still don’t like it, and I’m not sure why.

I think I’ll got make another coffee and perhaps break out the jelly rings, I can see a serious sugar/caffeine crash hitting me later……. what 2 year old is happy to sleep past 9 really?…… maybe I should poke her….. or just snuggle in and wait for them to wake


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