The postie

I’ve been surfing again, blog surfing that is………. So many people getting so many lovely parcels here there and everywhere
I know it’s Sunday, I know tomorrow is a public holiday……. But I’ll still check the box every morning. Hoping for an envelope or even a little card from the postie saying “sorry I missed you” crazy I know but I love mail I even am happy to get and open bills, even if I know it’s an overdue notice, I just love getting Mail
A couple of weeks ago I picked up 4 yes 4 pen-pals i think its more a better chance to at least end up with one good compatibility the boy is beside himself with missunderstanding, “No one writes letters any more” sigh, so I wrote to my pen-pals and mailed the letters ( you know you have to send some to recieve some right ) looked up Australia post to see how long they will take, letters to the uk and the us it reckons takes 3-4 days so I figure it would take the same the other way since a couple said they were writing straight away too……. Maybe it’s 3-4 days to get to the country then a few to get where they are going

So to supliment may need for mail I have ordered a few things that hopefully will come this week, untill then, I’m off to check the mail


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