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The brave new world

The one that is changing our lives, apparentley we need to step up, behave like a private company, work harder for no extra pay…….

And forget you ever had a family, or a social life……..

Or at least that’s how it seems, new roster systems have come in, they call it fatigue rostering , the going (for the last 6years or so) roumer is that it was designed by a uni student, who hadn’t done a day of shift work in his life, then taken a gossipal and implimented on drivers, who requested the designer join them for a week…… On the 3rd night he crashed his car on the way home, in a fatigue related accident

That said it does bring a higher income because we get extra loading for split shifts ie: 3nights a day off then 2days and if you concerntrat and fight your desperate desire to sleep on that day off untill night time you are going to be ok, but feeling like you haven’t slept in your own bed for weeks

With these new changes comes another problem, lack of weekends, we are loosing people left right and center with that one.

So where do I sit here…… The boy has given u work, miss goes to daycare once a week rather than 5 days, and because of my odd sleep/work habits her nap time is now 6pm ……… Sigh, hopefully that one we can get back in line and maybe get rid of the parade of sickness going through our house


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